Diable au corps

Concept, regie Jérôme Meyer & Isabelle Chaffaud | choreografie, tekst Jérôme Meyer in samenwerking met de dansers: Gonçalo Lobato, Guilherme Miotto, Samir Calixto, Gabrielle Revlock, Isabelle Chaffaud | video Fazrad Moloudi |compositie Dirk Haubrich | stem  Ali Al Jibori | décor Yoko Seyama | kostuumsBregje van Balen | lichtontwerp Egbert Mellema | adviezen Yvan DubreuilEva Mesker | met dank aan Denis Oudendijk

Diable au Corps refers to the restless body and turbulent spirit, which is always on the verge to take action. Unsatisfied with the current state, Diable au Corps represents the hunger for life and the search for identity .

Today identity is a concept that you can not pull away. In public discussions identity is often put forward for the interpretation of a cultur , a city or population group . Identity often refers in this discourse to the binding factor, the common denominator as a fact applicable to a whole group .

However, Meyer & Chaffaud approach the concept from a different angle: they conceive personal identity as a vibrant entity that evolves and changes under the influence of situations or the environment in which they are located. Their show is  inspired by Dadaism and Surrealism and meets with energy, humour , poetry, and here and there a cautionary note .


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