Le jeune homme et la mort

Thirst, Longing, Choice

In this work, Le jeune homme et la mort, Meyer and Chaffaud are revisiting a repertory piece for the first time – creating a new genre merging black comedy, dance monolog, and technology. The piece is inspired by the jeune homme et la mort from Roland Petit (created in 1946) on a libretto of Cocteau: a young artist is waiting for his beloved: when she finally arrives, she pushes him to commit suicide. Meyer and Chaffaud see the young man as a physical incarnation of the dialogue of opposing emotions: the need to forget one’s own mortality and the impermanence of life, yet the urge and the thirst for life and the desire to be loved and to love with the anxiety of being rejected.
“Le jeune homme et la mort” is a dance solo of 30 min 
Premiere 18 October 2013
On tour until january 2014 in the Netherlands.
Choreography/concept: Jérôme Meyer and Isabelle Chaffaud
Dancer: Rémi Benard
Set designer: Gabey Tjon 
Composer: Marcus Graf 
Light designer: Bernie van Velzen
Costume designer: Bregje van Balen
Thanks to Yann Coppier
Korzo producties
Accueil studio CCN Biarritz
Accueil studio Tanzhaus Zürich
Meyer Chaffaud Dance


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