The mighty kings

We asked the question: what came first, the egg or the chicken?
With a pop atmosphere and surrealistic scenes with a dancing death chicken
W(o)men is a piece that question the institution of power in our society. We called them the mighty kings.
Once upon a time, there were 3 kings who had a kingdom where the sun never disappeared. They were holding all the power of politics, economic, religion and cultural affaires. Everyone in the kingdom seemed to be happy.
Only when they died, people have realized that they have been fooled by them for all their lives.
When they died all their feathers were removed from their bodies and placed on the ground of the kingdom

This work is the result of a co-production between Korzo producties and Art printing house in Lithuania. The composer Rita Maciliunaite got awarded for her work in this piece and the dancer Mantas Stabacinskas was awarded as best dancer of the year.

Choreography Jérôme Meyer 
Dance Agnė Ramanauskaitė, Airida Gudaitė, Ieva Navickaitė and Mantas Stabačinskas
Costumes and set design Simona Biekšaitė
Light design Povilas Laurinaitis
Music Rita Mačiliūnaitė
Duration 60′
Arts Printing House
Korzo Producties
Duration 60′
Supported by the Culture Support Foundation of the Republic of Lithuania
©2013 Lithuanian Dance Information Centre


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