Cheek to Cheek

Works premiered in April 2011 ArtEz, Arnhem NL
This work is a follow up of Master of puppets created for Codarts that enter since then the repertory of Introdans and Ballet Junior Genève.
Cheek to Cheek like Master of puppets is a wild but carefully designed choreography by Meyer. 
Cheek to Cheek is a hymn to freedom of explosive
 individuality in an environment where every idea defining
a joint action is bounded choreographically in space and time,
in other words by a totalitarian partition. To which extend can individual freedom be expressed in a social partition that is formatted and submitted? 
On the contrary, what is the strength and pleasure that an individual derives from membership of a group defending a common idea?
Choreography, costume, light design, music Jérôme Meyer


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